The Stranger: Just One Night

thestrangerKasie is a woman who has always followed the rules. Knows her place in the world and has never diverged, until one night her bestie takes her to Las Vegas and suggests she has a one night stand before her wedding day. With mixed feelings, Kasie rejects the idea, until she is magnetically drawn to a mysterious stranger.

This stranger awakens parts of her she never knew existed. Left thrown by what happened, Kasie returns to her normal life. The mysterious man becomes a client of hers and their attraction grows even more. Kasie leads two lives between the man she is supposed to marry and the man who ignites her.

In The Stranger: Just One Night part I by Kyra Davis Kasie is pulled in two different directions: the life she knows and the life she wants to live. When she finally chooses her path, she sways and makes things more complicated than they should be.

When I first picked up this book, I had an idea of how erotic it would be, although I never thought the story would take a backseat. This book is ninety percent erotic with a plot weaved through. When a point of redemption finally occurs, the book ends. It was infuriating to read through the main character’s continual wishy-washy behavior.

If you are looking for a book with good erotic writing and nothing more, then this book is for you. We give it 2.5 out of 5 stars.

The Stranger is Kyra Davis’ first Erotic Fiction. Davis is also known for Sophie Katz mysteries and So Much For My Happy Ending (source: author site). Kasie’s story continues in Exposed: Just One Night part II on March 18, 2013.


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