Blackwood by Gwenda Bond

Photo courtesy of Goodreads

People say history is doomed to repeat itself. Others say that “… Fortune hath changed our shape, and Destiny Defaced the very form we had before” (source: Blackwood). For Miranda Blackwood history has marked her for only one destiny: betrayal. For another, history tied him to the outcasts and the island. Will he let Destiny decide his fate, or will he decided himself?

Blackwood by Gwenda Bond is based on the history of the missing people of Roanoke Island and the stories of what happened. Bond blends history and fiction to create a story of mystery, sacrifice, and love.

Bond’s reenactments of the events of Roanoke Island and her description of it, made me feel as if I was there. While the concept of the book was good, the story dragged. The plot tied itself up in minor events, taking away from the story as a whole. In the beginning the characters were relatable and well developed, but as the story progressed they became more and more convoluted.

I recommend this book to those who are interested in historical fiction with a sci-fi twist.  This book is recommended for teens ages 14-17. I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.

Blackwood is a 352 page mash-up book published by Strange Chemistry, an Imprint of Angry Robot Books. Blackwood is scheduled to release September, 4 2012.

Gwenda Bond is a contributing writing for Publisher’s Weekly and a YA reviewer for Locus. Blackwood was Bond’s first novel. (Source: Gwenda Bond site)


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