Young Adult: Greek Mythology

Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter

What if you loved someone who didn’t love you in return?  What if you found out that being immortal still meant you could die? Would you still rule with him?  Fight beside him?

Kate was in love with Henry, but Henry was still in love with his first wife – Kate’s sister, Persephone.

In her desire to return to her beloved, never in her wildest dreams did she image the reception awaiting her.  Blinding pain, weird sights, and unimaginable coldness, and not all of it came from being immortal.

As Kate struggled to adapt to her new marriage, powers, and home, Hera plots to undo her and almost succeeded.  A war rages just under the surface and Henry and Kate are in the middle of it.  When Henry is captured, Kate has to battle her uncertainties and ask her sister, Henry’s ex-wife, for help.

In Goddess Interrupted by Amy Carter, Carter used an undercurrent of self-doubt as a vehicle to enlighten the readers on Hades back story; thus leaving the readers to feel that the strong female lead of the first book was nothing but a whiney, insecure child.

Ingrid, a new character, brings reason and logic into the book with smiles and tenderness.  Her warmth speaks to Kate and allows her to see things through a different light.  The introduction of this character helps break up through Kate’s fears, and brings back the empowered, strong female we fell in love with.

Goddess Interrupted by Aimée Carter was published by HarperTeen; an Imprint of Harper Publishing and is 296 pages long.  Goddess Interrupted can be purchased at your local retailer, or online at Barnes and Noble and

Due to some suggestive material, we recommend this book for young adults ages 15 and up.

Start at the beginning with Goddess Test and see how it all began.


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