Jake Bakes Cakes by Gerald Hawksley

What happens when you mix the silly humor of Shel Silverstein and the vibrant illustrations of Sandra Boyton? You get Gerald Hawksley’s Jake Bakes Cakes.

Jake Bakes Cakes is a 32-page silly rhyming book of people in Jake’s community he bakes for. He bakes cakes for acrobats, monkey, and fish under the sea. He even bakes cakes for kids to help make friends with the monster under the bed.

For those who cannot read yet, Hawksley’s brilliant illustrations bring a different world to life. On one particular page a picture of child in bed tossing mouldy, green balls of cake to a monster under the bed, may look like nothing else than just that. But to a child, they smell and feel of those mouldy balls, and envision themselves lobbing them to the monster under the bed. Making that moment so much more.

Jake Bakes Cakes has tons of sight words like “he,” “the,” “in” for beginners. For the more advanced reader Hawksley offers words like “astronaut,” “disguises,” and a few tongue twisters.

Gerald Hawksley is a full-time book author, but did you know that he was also an astronaut and lives in a castle? “I live in a small castle beside the River Snood with my chums Lord Treacle, ‘Mousy’ Mousington and Otto Fishblanket. We often go treasure hunting and then come home and have tea and cake, and sometimes, if the weather has been particularly inclement, tea and teacakes” (Gerald Hawksley and

This book is recommended for children 3 to 8, and adults who like to smile.  Jake Bakes Cakes was published by Gerald Hawksely; 1 edition (June 1, 2011) and is sold by Amazon Digital Services. Pick up your free copy on Kindle and start reading today!


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