Young Adult

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Imagine a world where cyborgs were real, but were created for the sole purpose of saving someone’s life.  What if you didn’t have a choice to become one?  You just always were. What if you found out the trait that ostracized you, was just the beginning of what you were?  What if it could be the one thing that saves someone else?  Would you overcome your instincts to help, even if it meant helping someone you loathed?

In her debut novel, Marissa Meyer’s Cinder pulls the reader into a world of a familiar fairy-tale that quickly fractures.  Machines are created to save lives, but then the lives of those who were saved are shunned.

The reader is quickly introduced to the heroine Cinder, a cyborg human that is bound to her step-mother, after her father’s death.  Prized for her ability to manipulate machines, Cinder works to pay for her step-families frivolities and is hired by the Prince to fix his personal robot.  Cinder is smitten with the Prince but, unlike most of the girls in the city, she prides herself on not succumbing to wilds.

With her friend Iko, a droid with a kink in her personality chip, Cinder travels throughout New Beijing searching for parts for her and work.   After a loved one becomes suddenly ill, she is subjugated for experimentation.

Cinder is a well put together timeless story that draws you in with the faint memories of childhood stories and keeps you there with a fabulous story line and great writing.  While the story hints at the ending, Meyer expertly weaves a story of intrigue, that even when the end comes, you are satisfied and content.

Cinder is 400 pages long and was published by Feiwel & Friends, an Imprint of Macmillan.

Join Cinder on her next adventure in Scarlet, scheduled to release in 2013.  Trust me the wait will be worth it.

Cinder is available at your local bookstores, and online at Barnes and Noble and  Download the first five chapters now at!


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