Young Adult

Die for Me by Amy Plum

We have all heard of the idea of guardian angels. What if the idea was true? What if it was true, but they weren’t exactly angels? Would it matter?

In her book Die for Me, Amy Plum takes this idea and moves it into a more palatable place, where human and angels collide. She uses human comparisons to breach the divide between realism and fantasy, thus enabling the reader to comprehend the idea of guardian angels; men and women with a OCD complex to die for others. To exchange their lives for strangers is what these guardians offer unconditional and unbeknownst to us. Now what if you were dating one of these being, would you mind their OCD?

After the death of Kate’s parents, her sister whisks her off to live with her grandparents in France. Soon Kate is struggling and drowning in grief, until she finds an outlet in her books at a small café. It wasn’t until she forgot her bag that her world changed.

Entrenched in a world of mystery and horror, Kate has to figure out if she can accept a new-found friendship and love. Through a series of events, Kate comes to realize there is more to her than she thought, and to those of her friends.

Amy Plum’s Die for Me is a great read for those who can stretch their minds to accept concepts far outside the range of normal. Her style of writing lures the reader in through relatable emotions and events. From the comparison of beauty between siblings to the “compactly packaged glory” grandmother, Plum endeared us to her characters: “ ‘Almond eyes’ my mom called mine, much to my chagrin. I would rather have an eye shape that evoked steamy encounters than one described by a nut.”

In one sentence, Amy Plum captured the essence of her book flawlessly, “[Die for Me is a] world better suited to science fiction and horror films, perhaps, but also one where [we] could find tenderness, friendship, and love.”

Die for Me is 341 pages long and was published by HarperTeen, an Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. This book is the recipient of a starred review from School Library Journal, and was top pick in Romance Times.

Due to some mature content we recommend this book for mature teens, ages 16 through 18. I would give this book 4 ½ out of 5 stars.

Join Kate and Vincent on their next adventure in Until I Die, scheduled to release May 2012, by HarperTeen.

Die for Me is available at your local bookstore, or online at Barnes and Noble  and


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